As CIS Armenia is a registered Cambridge International School, we follow and are guided by the& Cambridge Primary Curriculum. We adhere closely to the objectives and time frames recommended for the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT. In our Primary School we also use the guidelines for English as a Second Language. The English National Framework includes all of the subjects that we teach at Cambridge International School; such as History, Geography, Music, Art and Design, Physical Education as well as Armenian, and Russian.

This easily accessed program is utilized frequently by our international and local teachers. It includes support not only for curricular objectives, but planning with suggested templates as well as guidance on how to implement and develop the subject matter. There are also resource guidelines and suggested time frames available that are very helpful not only for experienced teachers but also for teachers with little experience at our school.

The Cambridge program has been developed over countless years, based on research involving thousands of students within Britain. This stands to prove that the standards expected are consistent within all of the Cambridge attributed schools. This grants extra-confidence that teachers are planning and teaching in accordance with standards expected by Cambridge, hereby ensuring children perform at expected levels. This assists students with assimilation into any institution or school worldwide that uses English as a first language of instruction, and perform well within that environment.

To further validate these standards, the testing provided by the program includes two types of tests; the end of year, Cambridge Progression Test (end of each school year) and end of Primary, Cambridge Checkpoint Test (End of stage 6). These tests are optional.

Tests are available for English, English as an Additional Language, Mathematics, Science, as well as ICT for stages 3 – 6. Progression tests are internally marked using full mark schemes and guidance provided by Cambridge. These indicate the progression for each child within each subject over the course of the year. The results are to inform school and to report to parents.

On the other hand, the Checkpoint Test is solely for Stage 6 (end of Primary). These tests are more focused on the diagnostic analysis of each child’s performance in each discipline within all of the above mentioned subjects. Taking the Checkpoint Examinations is not a requirement to progress to Lower Secondary within our school. These tests are externally marked, sent away to Cambridge, and the results are analyzed. These analyses along with certificates are sent to the school in about two months after conducting the assessment to inform the pupils, teachers and parents.