Admission policy

Enrollment for 2022-2023 school year will start in March 2022 (for children from 3 to 18 years old).

Prior to an application, parents are welcome to visit CIS Armenia. You can call the admissions office and provide the needed information for the visit.

Prospective pupils come in to school for an assessment. Children entering both primary and secondary should expect to undertake an English assessment.


The nature of the assessment is to determine the support or extension programme your child may need at the school. The assessment process is designed to ensure that the
placement of all children will best meet their educational and personal requirements.


Once your child has passed the admission process, should there be a place available, we will require you to reserve it as soon as possible by signing the school contract and paying the entrance fee.
Most students join the CIS in September, but we are happy to admit students throughout the year provided that we have places available.

Official documentation

Along with the Application form the original or copies of the following documents need to be provided by the parents. A copy of the Application Form may also be collected from the admissions office. 

 Student’s Birth Certificate;
 Student’s passport / Identity Card;
 Passport / Identity Card of one of the parents;
 Two passport size photographs of your child;
 One passport size photograph of the adult (may be up to 5 adults) who will be responsible for collecting your child from school;
 Medical and Health Record for your child;
 Signed medical insurance declaration;
 Any available academic transcripts and attendance records from previous schools (if applicable).

Copies of all documentation will be made by the school admissions office.


In order to apply for the admissions process, parents are required to complete the following school forms:

Application Form                                                                                                                                  Curriculum Consent Form                                                                                                                                Pick Up Authorization Form
Medical form
Personal Data Processing Consent Form

These forms can be collected from school admissions office.

For more information about the admission procedure, please contact the school via email, or by phone.