CIS Armenia is an international school which provides a high quality, affordable, education for students from Early Years to Year 13 (3 to 18 years of age). The school prides itself on high academic achievement whilst developing the student’s character in a caring, creative and challenging teaching and learning environment.  


To continue to grow the school and provide the best possible educational opportunities and outcomes so that CIS Armenia is the school of first choice for parents, students and staff, in Yerevan.  To provide an outstanding, holistic, international accredited education. To provide a teaching and learning environment that exemplifies a love of learning, critical thinking and a passion to lead positive change regarding global issues in the 21st century.  

We believe: 

  • That CIS Armenia is a positive contributor to the continued development of Armenia. 
  • That academic success is achieved via high academic and personal expectations, a positive work ethic within a mutually respectful, supportive, caring yet challenging teaching and learning environment.  
  • That all students are encouraged and supported to achieve beyond their perceived potential.  
  • That students achieve their academic success whilst developing the positive character traits of self-discipline, integrity, resilience, courtesy, compassion and respect.  
  • That the teaching and learning environment encourages students to respectfully question, critically evaluate and practically apply the content and concepts presented in each subject and the cocurricular program.   
  • That throughout the student’s educational journey the school provides opportunities for the students to learn the virtue of service to others within the school and the wider communities of Armenia. 
  • That the school is committed to graduating students who will become leaders in their chosen fields, influencing positive change as engaged global citizens.