Abakus Centre students return with Victory!

Mental Arithmetic Olympiad took place in Yerevan, Armenia on May 14th, 2017, where the students Abakus Centre students Artur Mirzoyan and Aram Vardanyan took the first place on different levels.

This gave them an opportunity to take part in “Genius Kid 2017” Olympiad in Moscow. Artur Mirzoyan, 10, has taken mental arithmetic classes in Abakus centre since February, 2017 and Aram Vardanyan, 8, since March, 2017. “Genius Kid 2017” took place on November 4th, where the number of participants from different countries exceeded 200. Abakus Centre student Artur Mirzoyan took the 3rd place, and Aram Vardanyan was in top 10 of “Flash” championship. CIS Armenia congratulates Aram and Artur, and wishes more victories in the future.


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